Jes Grab Some Robitussin

I have never been one much for doctors.  Or emergency rooms.  It takes a lot for me to tell you I am sick.  Like, sincerely a lot.  Orange Juice cures a lot for me….or just a Halls cough drop.  When things are serious I’m grabbing some NyQuil and sleeping through the pain.

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What is the scripture?  Pain endures but for a night, but JOY, JOY comes in the morning.  So that is my philosophy for illness….Two Advils and a dose of “it will be alight in the morning”.  So, basically, in 24 hours…it should be all good.

I mean, I do understand that that there have been few times when this formula didn’t work for me, like when I had strep throat, a couple of the flu cycles, and  even the whole broken foot debacle, but over all in life…it works….get some fiber in your system, then some water and then flush out your toxins and go to sleep so new blood cells come in.  Works for me.

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So, when we talk about medical care and health benefits it wasn’t until I was early thirties that I really started to pay attention.   I mean when benefits seasons came around, I would hit basic coverage and keep stepping.  I wouldn’t have to pay nuthin if I ain’t have to go to the doctor….so in my mind, the key was to stay healthy.

Like I said, good plan.  Great.

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So, out here, the expat package is 100% medical.  I  signed the dotted line, but truth is I really didn’t know that that means.

Welp…in the day and age of 40 is NOT the new 30…I have learned a lot about what this medical package is and what it is really about and let me tell you this. I sing the next portions with all of the glee of the sound of music hilltop moment.  I talk about about the medical system out here with a full Janet Jackson cabbage patch do wop beat.  I feel like I found my soulmate….there is so much glee in me…..

giphy (67).gif

I pull out my insurance card and start singing, “when I think of yooooooooouuuuuu” #soinlove

(For  the record, I don’t have the top insurance either….I am middle class with these benefits I’m told)

So I will break down some of my issues and how it has been handled.

First of all there is a pharmacy nearly on every corner (we have big corners) and they deliver to your doorstep, through a TEXT message.  So especially if you become a regular and they know you, you just send a picture and schedule a delivery and BAM, you got it.  I have to get special soap and lotion for my eczema this way.  And they do medications.

giphy (68).gif

For a major MAJOR eczema break out, I was prescribed three different pills for a three week period because my body was not adjusting to the new climate.  The total for those pills and doctor visit came out to about $27 us dollars.


I broke a WHOLE finger and needed surgery with an overnight stay.  I think I paid like $95 US dollars for that and no bills afterwards.  Like a one-time payment.  I do have to pay for check ins and stitches removal and processes with recovery but never more than US $8 bucks…I’m still in process so I will check in on how physical therapy goes.

Yeah….one finger was that serious.

Oh I got more medical notes.

giphy (69).gif

I had to go to the emergency room and get an MRI and a whole bunch of stuff.  I had to get an ultrasound which was NOT covered because I am not married.  I checked in at 1am and checked out at 9am due to having to be admitted into the hospital.  For all tests, checks and paying for my own ultrasound, I paid around $175 US dollars.

Then, for surgery and 3 days in the hospital and all care….I paid like $450 US.

No bills afterwards.  All medications included.

giphy (70).gif


Yes baby.  And for those who are wondering…the last surgery was several fibroids and one was 10 cm (size of newborn baby full head) and covered my entire uterus and that woman FOUGHT to keep my uterus in check “in case I wanted kids”.  Ma’am, I’m 40….I’m good.  You can take this stomach fat.

She wouldn’t.  I still got my uterus.

giphy (71).gif

So, I’m not saying I am the most brilliant person with staying healthy….but in this new space I don’t mind running to a doctor because I don’t go broke checking on  my health.  And they are good out here.

Oh Dental is not covered but you can get your teeth cleaned and checked for $75 US dollars.

I ain’t going no where.  You can say what you wanna say.  I can have bad days at work, you can talk about my momma. What I am tell you is me and this health care system is about to be ride or die.

giphy (72).gif


I ain’t leaving.  Me and whoever can talk it out….figure it out some how and some way…but what ain’t gonna happen is me leaving my boo.

Hey Medical Insurance….how you doin????

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