Jes Get Into Formation (My Emergency Surgery Story)


This is done to the tune of Beyonce’s Formation…..follow along if you can.

giphy - 2019-04-07T082342.104.gif

(what happened at the surgery room)

Bih, I’m back….and I’m popular at that

My ovaries hating with that fibroid collaboration

Covered my bladder and colon, was quite devastating

1am in the emergency room, body fully pulsating

One week out of surgery, I am truly celebrating

They put me in an ultrasound, No uterus could be found

A 10 centimeter fibroid had my whole body shutting down

giphy (60).gif

No one knew anything until around 8am in the morning

MRI and a new doctor came to start confirming

My coworker and my friends trying not to act to alarming

Emergency surgery to be had, swag

I signed all my papers, inhaled anesthesia vapors

Went under the knife to slaughter all them fibroid invaders

Doctor shot up them fibroid suckers

Removed that big ass mutha…..

High fived her crew and sewed up my tummy tucker

giphy (58).gif

I finally woke up (I woke up)

I got my sick leave (sick leave)

Went home for recovery (recovery)

Still don’t know if I can conceive

I’m okay (okay), I’m okay (okay), I’m okay (okay), And I slay (okay)

We gon’ slay (slay), gon’ slay (okay), we slay (okay), I slay (okay)

Here to work ya’ll nerves and make ya’ll laugh another day

giphy (61).gif

Okay, ya’ll its time for my formation

This incident was for my education

Proved to me I got some more revelations

So much life to live, no value in hesitations

giphy (63).gif

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