Right now….life is feeling a little Nayhoo ish…

Yeah, I am #teamnayhoo in fact…I feel like I am straight walking it and living it….

What is that exactly…well you got to be a babies of the 90s to really get it

Nayhoo was the introduction of a perfect harmony…most often found at the beginning of a Male R&B’s slow jam intro.  You really didn’t know what the song was about or where it was going, but that nayhoo promised you joy and a happy ending….or at least a ending of peace.

giphy (30).gif

Nayhoo was the moment when the R&B singer introduced himself to the world.  It was the moment when the ladies would perk up and take notice….Nayhoo was the attention grabber.  Like let me put this way, Ol Boy’s bass conversations from Boyz II Men are a classics.  In fact, once it plays everyone I know can recite it with him…and it don’t matter which song.  His bass voice and parts are legendary, yet Nathan’s nayhoo in the beginning of the song set it all up and introduced us to the whole journey.

Did you see what I did there?

Did you even notice?

giphy (31).gif

Yeah, the bass boy’s name is Ol’ Boy.  But we KNOW Nathan’s name.  Ain’t no disrespect…truth is truth.  Tell me if you know bass boy’s name….right NOW!  And if you do, don’t tell me you ain’t had to think for a second.  But everyone know Nathan and Wanya’s name because they was in the background harmonizing on them nayhoos.

Don’t fight me.

Nayhoo set up Johnny Gill’s WHOLE album and got us throwing panties at him he don’t even want.

giphy (32).gif

Nayhoo set up Troop’s whole singing game, but nobody know not ner one of their names.

Nayhoo is more famous then Usher’s spin moves at the climax of all his confessions.

giphy (33).gif


Nayhoo is the equivalent of lollipop at the dentists office.  There maybe pain baby, but life will be sweet during that emotional rollercoster.

Quietly, Nayhoo has saved some relationship and locked down a number of booty calls.


Well, getting back to me and my life…..I am in the Nayhoo phase…it’s the part of the R&B song when folks is walking on the beaches, the part in black and white, the part where they slow motion the spin and side step.  The part when the beat drops and all heads rocks back in forth.  Its the open arms to life with an eight count….

giphy (35).gif

Nayhoo sets up the harmony, it gets everyone on one accord, it announces the purpose and it protects you through the whole journey.  Stay with nayhoo you will stay on pitch, stay with nayhoo you can hold your head high in the low points, stay with nayhoo everything will be alright.

Nayhoo was the Male R&B groups way of saying….We got ya’ll.  Sit back and relax, we got all these melodies waiting for you, we did the work and you just got to get ready to enjoy the ride…and if you trust us through these three minutes and 12 seconds, we gonna give you a riff session that will set your world on fire.

giphy (37).gif

So, I am in the Nayhoo of Life right now….I’m at the beginning and enjoying the ride to see all the harmonies and riffs and high notes and body rolls and spin moves and crying in the rain that is there for me.

So let’s respect Nayhoo and get ready for the breakdown…that the is real part of groove…

giphy (38).gif


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