Jes Spread My Wings and Fly Away


It’s time.

And I am a grown ass woman who is crying.  There is sadness in saying goodbye.  A sadness that I covered in laughter, jokes, moments and memories.  But there is a sadness in saying so long…

And thank you for your love in my life.

But the time as come and with that time I am grateful for the people who have prodded my feathers.  With your love and wisdom, I am able to soar.

And it is time to fly.

It is that moment that my feet are on the edge of the cliff.  I look down and I look out.  I can also look back, there are paths for me and I get to choose which one.

When I look back, I see where I could stay, where it is comfortable.  With what I know…where I know love is.  I understand where my pains are but I learned to navigate them.  I understand it.  It is a beautiful place.  I have learned so much and done enough.  I am okay there.

I am on a cliff.  I see life on the edge and I can stand here and admire it…learn more about the world and feel the breeze.  Stay in the realm of what I know, yet know that there is more and marvel at the sights and stories but never take my feet off the ground.

There are two paths if I decide to leap.  One that is straight down.  Meaning my wings are not strong enough, I didn’t listen…practice prepare.  I didn’t learn to navigate.  I jumped without caution and I wasn’t strong enough to use myself to catch myself so I could glide into the world I heard was out there.

And then there is the path that one I jump.  I fly.  I see the newness.  I learn the world.  I figure out the paths for myself.

There is a responsibility there….if I fly to low….and grip the waters I can get weighed down with the mist and fogs of life.  If I fly to high and wild I can be burned by the sun.  But there is so much in between that is the pathway to new discoveries.

Thank you that I am able to fly. And to do it with wisdom.  With care.  With love for humanity and hope.  With tenacity.  And discernment.  With truth.  With all the lessons.

I am choosing my path…..

giphy (28).gif


The sky is calm
The stars are bright
What’s better than to be in flight..
I’ll relax my mind
And be at ease….
And let this journey
Set me free
Set me free..

Spread my wings
And fly away…(away)
To a place.. that I long for
And my heart will be…the pathway..
I have found the love in me
That ‘s ever more…


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