Jes Pack it, Jes Pack it….

In the tune of Xscape…let’s pack up shoes, and fold them sheets…zip up the luggage and xscape with me….JUST PACK IT….JUST PACK IT.



One of life’s real tasks right.  I skipped telling you about step 1 which was STRIPPING MY LIFE DOWN to four suitcase and two storage bins.

I will save ya’ll the tears of my memories being packaged and bubble sealed.

Let’s talk some facts….WHAT DO I NEED…what’s important.

Well through my thorough investigation methods (Facebook and Friends) I knew I would need ample room for the following….

  1.  Hair
  2.  Hair products
  3.  Deodorant.
  4. Hair products
  5. Skin Cream

Let me break down this list.  I am a black girl.  Been a black girl for a long time….all of my life.  So, I am coming into this suitcase as a black girl with special needs.  Add on that plate, my luscious love of chicken wings and cupcakes and my life long battle with my skin disease (severe eczema)….I knew that I would have to come into this new life strategically.

giphy (12).gif

So let me put down my thought pattern and bare with me….yeah, I overthink…

  1.  Dubai is BUMPING.  And a shopping haven….I can find most clothes and living items I need.
  2. I said most because I am a thick chick so I ain’t confident with they plus size market
  3. But because this a Muslim country, abayas are always accepted
  4. And I am cute in an abaya and they are comfortable
  5. And it is HOT as heat stroke in the 7th level of menopause out there
  6.  Abayas it is.
  7.   When I went to Dubai for the holiday, I had a major skin break out.  MAJOR.
  8.  And I got that real 4B/4C hair
  9. So I am going to have to moisturize, moisturize and stay with moisture.
  10. AND Oh damn I am working with this broke foot
  11. Like I am literally a member of the hobble a long crew
  12. If I am leaning to the left in all my pictures don’t say nothing
  13. And my job is three flights of stairs, in 100 degree heat.
  14. And I like having a curl pattern
  15. Oh, I want to travel


I told you…it’s a lot….Let me just get to the solutions. And packing it no joke.  Carry on fees, storage…how do I make all this work in my favor?giphy (14).gif

I decided to take four suitcases.  One Mother of Mother Suitcases, a regular one and actually two carry-ons, but one will be checked.  The black carry on will actually double as my workbag once in Dubai…it rolls so it should make my job a little easier.   I did this because the two middle size luggage works for my travels. (I actually could move to Dubai with three suitcases after the miracles I pulled)


In the largest suitcase is ALL my clothes.  Majority is work related and can get me through a full month and two to three months if I do that mix and match game.  (I will break down work clothes later).  Also did workout gear and some weekend love outfits.  Just a few.  Because the winter nights can get cold, I have a wind breaker and 1 sweater.

I also decided on individual crotchet braids for hair styles so I packed faux locs.  Its very light on my head and I do tend to break out with eczema on my neck so I have to ponytail my hair styles.

And shoes…really did a lot of the cute sketchers for walking. I will note because of my foot injury and partly because I be triffling in my life I had to redo my ENTIRE shoe game.  This is not those shoes….in the picture is my HOPE shoes. These are the shoes I hope I can be back in by December….the ones I be going to physical therapy for.


(NOTE….when I get to Dubai and unpack, I will break down the clothing and shoes better and talk about workplace dress code)

Second suitcase

I narrowed down my work library to five books I can’t work without and packed the hard copies of those.  I scanned and uploaded a lot of my resources into Dropbox and Google Drive.  I packed my body care, cream, detergent (for sensitive skin), hair product load one, soap (can’t have fragrance, must be all natural), and a lot of my shoes.  That little wooden box is so I can go back to making my own olive oil soaps once I get situated.


Also weird fact….when me and my homegirl went to Dubai for the holiday week…we COULD NOT FIND WASH CLOTHES to save our lives.  Not no face cloth or nothing.  A lot of hand towels and regular towels….so I ain’t play no games this time around and packed up bunch.  Never heard folks talk about it so I bet that it is in the store but I ain’t take no chances…I need to scrub all my rubba dub dub in that tub.

I am nervous because my shea butter looks like a brick.

Everything I packed lotion wise and shea butter is wrapped in saran wrap in case of leaking, melting or breaking.   Also suran wrap is a secret ingredient for my skin care…

giphy (13).gif

Third black is my extras



I’m not taking a mixer…all my essential oils are wrapped up in there.  And the universal adapter was on sale and I will be using on my travels…you don’t need one in the UAE.  And there is a lot of space because I am waiting on my big shipment order from Organi Grow Hair Co.  I don’t know enough about them to recommend them yet, I know they do their product based off porosity and a sister REFUSES to have dry scalp and broken ends.

And the fourth is my carry on.  Clothes I wore while I was still state side, last second stuff and things I will need immediately.  So right now it is empty.

So that is where I am at.  All important documents are in my hand and so is my ticket….

Guess it’s time to actually “kick it” before I leave.

And eat some pork ribs.

giphy (15).gif

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