Jes Show Me the Money




Salary negotiations in place.  Housing accommodations.  Dreams of travel for the holiday.  Paying off of students loans.

I’m all set right?

NOPE.  See, while there are so many conversations about making money…the real conversations is about saving money.  More so retirement.

So I spent significant time making plans and creating my own retirement accounts to continue contributing to while working overseas.

Here is where things get boring and I sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher….whaa wha wah….

Yeah the boring life stuff….but you have to truly consider this.  How are you going to live at 65 if you not putting away money at 35?

giphy (1).gif


Even better….how are you planning for any type of future?  Life insurance?  Power of Attorney?  Will up to date?

I’m not here to give you advice.  I am here to tell you to spend some serious time to think about it.

For me….

  1.  I have life insurance for expenses to take care of my responsibilities
  2. I have a will on file and had valuable conversations with those I love
  3. I commissioned a lawyer friend as my US attorney to help me with paperwork
  4. I also commissions a tax prep person to make sure that all my taxes are clear and good.
  5. I have a retirement plan that I am actively taking care of.
  6. And I am in phase 1 of like 16 on planning my life after 60
  7. I am starting my workout plan so I can bump into Michael B. Jordan and change his life.

giphy (2).gif

All I am saying is that with moving abroad don’t get caught up in the right now moments…but check for those moments that will come.  There is a lot of planning that must happen.

I am coming back with more updates…because like I said…this is a lot….so there are some other things that are being worked on.  But for now….take it from me….take out the time to have real conversations about your future and how to make it happen.


giphy (4).gif

Oh yeah. In case anyone is nosy about my business or been watching too many lifetime movies….all my policies are in my momma’s name and ain’t worth nothing.  And I owe Sallie Mae to much so it ain’t worth it to stage my death.

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