Jes Standing On a Fractured Limb




Yep….this Stanky Leg life got real.

One small step for man, one giant step for mankind real.

I’m Robocopping on the crew real.

My Astronaut boot is astronomical.

I feel like every time I get up to use the bathroom, I hear “churn. churn.”

I am transforming.  More than meets the eye.

My crip walk is crippling.

I feel like when I stand up, i need to oil my joints.  Like walk around like the tin man type life.

I’m boot’d up.  Da da duhm.giphy.gif

So what does this mean?  And what does it mean for my move?

Reevaluation.  Not of my move.  This injury has really made this move even more valuable to me….and I am changing  everything that I have going in my life so i can focus on me.  Healing and preparing.

That is what this injury is and this summer.

A chance to shut down.  Close my positions.  End chapters.  Say goodbye to people.  Ground myself (that could be literal because how heavy this boot is).  End bad relationships.  Evaluate bad decisions and grow.  Read a book.  Invest in my mind.  Have long conversations about things I don’t like to talk about (my retirement funding).

To focus on real life.


giphy (49).gif

Sometimes you need the quiet time to focus on how to get everything right.  We spend so much time trying to be the perfection we don’t spend the hard time in the paint just trying to get it right.  This is the time for me to read the paperwork and the fine lines.  To take the courses to get it right so I know how to write it.

#lifegoals makes us see the end goals.  Well, I am spending serious time in the beginning.  determining who I will be in this next chapter.  What I want my body to perform, my brain to see, my words to say, my portfolio to be defined.  This is all quiet time to spend  for me.  Not to change my destiny.  But figure out now how to enhance it.

I’m blessed because Big Momma decided to come through and check on her baby.  So know I am not doing this alone. But truth was, I never was.  And it is amazing to know that when  I am down, others are willing  to stand up.

Those are the biggest gifts in life.  People who are will to stand up for you so you can gain the strength to stand up for yourself.  giphy (50).gif


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