Jes Call Me, When You Need A Plan



Phone plans.

The Stevie Wonder, “I just called to say…I love you”

Lionel Richey’s “Hello”

New Edition’s “Mr. Telephone Man”….

It is the phone plan and one of the bigger debates of overseas life….what about my phone?

giphy (45)

So, i went to my trusty Facebook friends and asked what would be the best thing to do.  Here are the options

  1.  Just kill my US phone service and open up an international line when I move overseas.  Use my WIFI to SKYPE and Zoom Conference family and friends.  Facebook is a major tool and What’s APP is a major resource.
  2. Keep my US Phone Service and just work everything through there.  You can have two sims cards in one phone and some other technical stuff.
  3. Double the phone life.  One for overseas and the other for US.  Remember that if you travel to other countries on holiday or vacation you will still have to ensure a communication method.

 giphy (46).gif

Based on Facebook friends and folks already overseas, T-Mobile is the best carrier for overseas with Sprint running a close second.

I have Verizon Wireless, so i spent this weekend changing over my service.  I did it a whole two months earlier but i wanted this piece to be done.  T-Mobile has a special where if you buy one of their phones they will pay off your past bills and whatever you owe.

giphy (47).gif


I passed on it.  The goal of my US phone will be for texting in the US and keeping up with the older generation in my family that refuses to get on Facebook.  Hence.  This will not  be my primary phone and I believe that I will probably be buying a whole new phone once I get to Dubai.  Having a local number will work better for attempting to make my life run smoothly and socializing with people and new friends.

So for $80 a month I have unlimited texting and data that should work in Dubai.  Voice calls are .20 cents a minute UNLESS I make them over WIFI, but I don’t want to bank on that life right now.

Some people suspend their line and  pay $10 for T-Mobile to hold their line and then reactivate it when they are  stateside.  For me, this is still a process and I haven’t made a decision.

I just know that it was smarter to be proactive with communication and this is what I choose to do.

Any questions, hit me below but make sure you really research the options because the only way your folks know you ain’t kidnapped is to ensure calling them….as well, we all need data for posting our pics on Instagram!!


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