Jes Follow Your Heart



I want you, the right way
I want you
But I want you to want me, too (to want me, too)
Want you to want me baby (want you to want me baby)
Just like I want you

There is a simply magic in mutual attraction.  In the right hands it is safe.  It is empowering.  It is promising and it lights a path for a renewed purpose.  The simple wanting of someone helps them feel the beauty and power of who they were created to be.

That is why it starts off so powerful.

Its the spark of recognizing who you are and what we can be.  Tomorrow isn’t promised but the joy and promise of today is enough to spark hope.  And  when you have hope, you have faith and you have the simple seed to build tomorrow.

That is attraction.

That is power.

That is love.

There is no perfect timing for it. No secret formula. No recipe. Not even a promise. There is only the ability to say yes to it.

Or no.

Fear makes us stay safe.

Today.  I choose to be brave. I choose to follow my heart.  To trust it for the journey of now.

I have to promise to not have regret when days are bad.  To blame me when I see fog and not focus.  I promise to trust myself and dance.  Live. Love.  Trust.  And  dance.  For today…

I don’t look at the timing.

I don’t look at who saw me first.

I don’t do the right thing.

I follow my desires.  My heart.  I said yes.

giphy (43).gif

And I am scared.  Scared about the future.  Scared to know what three months will look like.  What they will say.  About the heart I will break. But, there is a beauty in knowing the freedom I will discover. The truth of myself.  Knowing that I am capable of living at the level I dreamed of.

The journey isn’t being worried about the what ifs.  It is experiencing the right nows.  It’s looking into a face and a being ready to try again. Its about being so grounded in who you are that you know that love won’t break you again.  Its saying hold me when you are  cold and follow me when you are ready to fly.  It is about so much more than the fear that grasps our hearts.


giphy (42).gif

I say yes.  I am ready.  I am looking at you and I see you looking at me.  I am answering.

Yes.  I want you and I know you want me too.  Let this mutual attraction define a new destiny.

In Dubai.

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