Jes Do the Stanky Leg


I guess it is a journey.

This broken foot.

giphy (37).gif

Yes.  If I am committed to writing about enjoying the journey….there too shall be a chapter one this broke foot gal.

This Pillsbury Toe Girl.

This Ace Bandage Bunion Brace

This Stanky Leg Topple Toe Stance

This Crutched up and Crunk Cruisine

This Cabbage Patch Ankle Tribute

Trust me….I can go on.

Yes.  Welcome summer, where Memorial Day normally commemorates wearing white…my weekend commemorates a tribute to my 5th metatarsal, a word I had to google search three times before knowing how to spell it.  An ode to the fracture in the perfect spot that lands me learning the different degrees of elevation….and has me doing death crawls to the bathroom.

giphy (38).gif

Yep, I am officially a workers comp claim number and sentenced to 4 to 6 weeks of SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND DON’T DO NOTHING.

No flossing on hoes

No slaying on sugar daddys

No living life like it is golden.

Just sit and plan.  Dream about life.  Think about what you would do in case stuff could happen.

I have.

I set doctor’s appointments and binge watch television.  I done watched Clifton Powell like 14 times so far.  Let me say for the record, there is not enough gifs to honor the acting power of this man. giphy (39).gif

I troll twitter, looking for fights to get into so I can engage my mind.  I stare intently at my swollen toes attempting to invoke the power of the Secret and dream of a life where I walk without a limp.

So, here is my few weeks…..I still will enjoy this process as well.  With my humor and snark and my new ability to  handle ice compresses on a fracture.


Let me metatarsal be nominated as tribute to the 40th district as we use this time to realign our goals and dreams while moving to this new life overseas.

download (2).jpg

I remember you.  I remember us.  I will never forget.  The balance you placed in my life.  Literally.

giphy (40).gif

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