Jes The Most Essential Carry On


giphy (27).gif


What about your friends…..will they let you down, will they be around….yeahhhhhh?

The most essential carry on item for me is….Friends.  Yeah.  With me looking to make this move overseas it has been a non-stop song fest featuring Drake for all these new names that I am meeting.

giphy (30).gif

See, what turned into a simple “I’m thinking of moving my life in this direction” to one person came back with a add in a Facebook group of like minded people.

What was a simple, “I got an offer too!” became a nesting ground for six women ready to explore Kuwait.

And a lot more simple statements has grown into a small community that is able to share ideas….fears….confusion….document attestation woes….everything.

Every step of the way to Kuwait has given me new access and information and all of it with laughter, a pat on the back, words of encouragement.  And what is a miracle, I have never seen these people before.

There is a wonderful need of a place of belonging whenever you move to something new.  A piece that can be like home…a place to break bread.  Laugh loud and feel comfort.

giphy (29).gif

This post isn’t long but it is true.  Work to find crew.  It means a lot.  It answers questions.  It helps give new ideas.  Create new purpose.

And it is fun.

giphy (31).gif

So I shout out my carry on crew….the essential piece for me in this journey.   Yep, the essential peace.

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