Jes A Song and a Dance….Visa Update


Now this is a story all about how an email turned my life upside down…if you want take a minute and check my blog, I’m gonna break down this post and put it into a song…..

giphy (8).gif


In south Chicago my teaching life began

Fussing at kids and writing lesson plans

Driving data, checking curriculum, submitting grades

Damn near stress out every single day

Still progressing in my career and got more degrees

But with more degrees came more student fees

I got into a major credit score drop and I got scared

And started to think to myself yo’ this life is kinda weird

giphy (17).gif

Can I use what I know and make a better life for me

I started start submitted applications for a life overseas

One special place set up a midnight interview

Looked at my resume and told me what I can do

Put me on the schedule employed for an August date

Told me chill out and welcome to Kuwait


giphy (15).gif

I filled out my documents and sent off a grip

Of cash but it’s an investment to make my life flip

Been five or six weeks and it been crazy hush

But been closing down shop and ain’t heard much

Around 2am I got a ding on my WhatsUp App

“Hey girl, check your messages in a snap!”

So I looked at my email and it was finally there

Things just got real because my visa has been cleared

giphy (16).gifScreenshot_20180426-060504 (1).png

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