Jes Sign the Bottom Line


I have a feeling this is part one of a three part series.

That is because there is a lot of work in the this documentation process.

giphy (11).gif


And me being the stellar, beautiful, wonderful, brilliant sista that I am.

I outsourced all of it!!


And when people come to me for advice, my first wave of advice is to OUTSOURCE THAT SHIT.  And pay someone. I paid someone $800 in this first round.  And it was worth EVERY SINGLE CENT.

giphy (10).gif

But I will give you some background information and this is for Kuwait.

First round….while they are working on my visa process, I needed to set up

  • All college transcripts
  • All college original degrees
  • Those degrees notarized
  • Some stamp on the back on the degrees with a school signature
  • All those items to the  State Secretary

Here is my note.  I have two schools I graduated from.  I went to undergrad in Florida and got my Masters in Oklahoma.  Which means that this process had to happen in two different states.  Then, because of these locations….the next part, some stuff in the embassy in the US….One embassy was in Washington D.C, the other was in Los Angeles.  And the embassy is STATE specific…so I had to ship one set of documents to east coast and the other to west coast.  Like in real Biggie vs. Tupac style.

giphy (12).gifgiphy (13).gif

  • A verification that my school was real that I bought on a website
  • The embassy had to do some stuff. At this point I stopped taking notes.

The whole process took like 4 works.  I also heard through the grapevine, I could maybe get reimbursed so save my receipts.

giphy (9).gif


In the next round of documents, I will confirm

  • Medical test
  • HIV test
  • FBI Criminal Background Check

But i will be back to update you.


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