Jes, Ease on Down The Road


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Just ease on down…ease on down the road…..

Don’t you carry nothing that would be a load….just ease on down ease down the road….

So, I am at the process of the journey when you start noticing the yellow bricks and realizing it make a road.  And I am blessed….extremely.  To the point real, real talk…I need to sit down somewhere and take some notes.

Because.  I am getting blessed.  Let me say this.  Once I signed the paperwork.  Things are falling into place.  More than I can imagine.

  1. I already got a kick it crew in Kuwait.  Like real talk, sister girl friend code talk. And digitally, they have spoke life into me…and I needed that.
  2. I have run across two people in Houston randomly that are moving to Kuwait the same day as me.
  3. I had one of my digital girlfriends sit down (well text down) a conversation with me that would help me continue doing what I love (teaching and body butters) in the new country.
  5. All my financial obligations here in the US just happen to contractually end on August 1st.
  6. I can dance like P. Diddy and sing “I get money…I get money”….a lot of my cash flow is getting freed up and blessed….and that was a big strained.
  7. My jobs is proving who they are. And I am proud to be able to show who I will no longer be (after my contract ends tho).  I don’t feel responsible for saving the world.  And that was hard for me.
  8. I can’t explain the financial pressure that has been released in the last week.  Its amazing….like the Kayne Autotune verse of Amazing….
  9. I’m seeing Miguel and J. Cole.

I haven’t made my official announcement yet….but its settled in my spirit.  And its a good place.  It is a feeling release.  Joy, encouragement, excitement but relief.

And I had to take note because its like things have just started lining up for me.  giphy (8).gif

And its a God thing.  You can’t tell me differently.  I am seeing relationships differently.  I am honoring my promises.

And let me stop talking in code.  God has allowed me to meet and shake hands with people I didn’t think existed.  He has done that to show me I wasn’t wrong for believing that they are out there.  And I get to see them before my next journey.  I wasn’t wrong for loving, hoping, holding, praying, I wasn’t wrong for believing.  But what I was wishing for wasn’t part of my journey.  So now that I said yes to something unfamiliar, he is showing me my heart was in a right place…but he had to change my mind.  He had to show me more, make me more…and make me love me more in order to be able to be the change I have always sought in the world.  I wasn’t put on this world to save it.  I was place in this world to save me….and nurture the world and empower it through the love I hold.

I am the key.

I am the vibranium.

I am the magic.

giphy (9).gif

And the answer is in me as well.

Unless I murder it with stress.

Answers are unfolding.  Retirement plans.  Pensions. Money for my mom.  Building for my family.  Creating a legacy. Using teaching as my platform….my education, my knowledge….love.

But the hardest lesson I had to learn was how to value the vessel.  That’s me ya’ll….that is me!!!

I am good.  God created me. He makes no mistakes.  My DNA is a legacy that needs and shall be unfolded. There are dreams that I will accomplish if I don’t lose the vision.  And there is work to do.

The mistake I made in life is thinking that in order to make it happen, I had to break my back and bore the pain. I thought progress comes from pain.  And therefore I sometimes sought it.  I don’t think I was wrong….I just know that the pain isn’t a life sentence. I have served my time.  And now it is time to make all that I hurt for and strived for become the light.


Let me speak into exisitance.

I will save more than enough money to care for my mother and my family when they need it.

I will set up a scholarship fund at Langston University .

I will set up way to spread education in areas of the world that need it.

I will donate to FAMU in a significant way.

I will design my blog and program to become an educational consultant.

I will retire in a foreign country and debt free.  With the ability to not only own land but produce in that economy to leave a legacy.

I will leave tangibles behind for my nieces and nephews so they can experience the world as I saw it.

I will travel.

I will love.

And I will enjoy sunsets and beaches.

And dances.

And I will be able to write.

And I will find ways to give my knowledge to others who choose to seek those answers.  But I will give them the journey and not the words. giphy (10).gif



We just start with easing down the road.  We got some time……

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  1. I am so glad I just spent the last half hour or so reading your blog. You are inspiring me to think bigger, dream bigger, and speak/write it into existence. Thank you, Spec! What you gave me by sharing this blog means so much to me. I am looking forward to brunches together all over the world.


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