Jes A Little List and Update


So it has been a whirlwind.

Spring Break hit and I needed EVERY Minute of silence.   I felt like an early 90s slow jam song.  “Shhhhhh….break it down, i don’t wanna hear a sound….this house is a private affair, turn off the cell phone you betta not dare…..oooooooooo……..reeeeeessttt for mmmeeee babbbbbyyyyy”.

Yeah.  Needed.

But I am going to blog for real for real….

So updates.

  1.  I am officially going to be teaching in Kuwait.  I have signed like three contracts. So, if all paperwork goes through….UHM, CAREER CHANGE!! I will blog about this feeling some more for real.
  2. The document process is REAL!  Yes, getting degrees and getting stamps and getting this checked off and this checked off.  Many people will go and do it themselves.  I am paying  someone to do it.  The reason why is there are a lot of loopholes and little things.  I rather focus on other stuff and ensure that I am getting it done correctly the first time.
  3. I’m meeting folks.  In order to make this transition, one of the things is creating a community that can become home…and like Big Sean, blessings, blessings, blessings….uhm folks are coming through with the “I live in Kuwait” tidbits and it is comforting. giphy (1).gif

4.  I really spent some time figuring out the finances of this thing.  I have decided I am shutting all my life down.  What about….this….what about that…..NOPE.  SHUT IT DOWN.  No storage fees.  I am packing up my life into three bins in my sister’s or mother’s garage.  Yes.  I.  CAN.


I’m going to finish and start another blog….I feel like it is time to get deep on something this.

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