Jes 17 Things I am Worried About


Maybe I am a unique child.


Yea.  I am stressed out about somethings with moving overseas.  Like googling and trying to find answers and solutions.  This is real to me.  I need to know answers.

giphy (5).gif


  1.  I need shea butter.  How am I going to get shea butter?  How much shea butter can I take on the plane? Will it melt?
  2. How in the heck do I transfer money to myself to my banks? Lawd, i should have paid attention to online banking.  I still write checks.
  3. Speaking of checks, I now need to auto draft half these bills.
  4. What will happen to this school loan that I got? Lawd, I love my income based repayment….will I still qualify?
  5. My skin.  Lawd. My skin.  I can’t be ashy or dry and Lawd knows my exzcema.
  6.  Will Marvel’s Infinity Wars come out before or after I move to Kuwait.
  7. I need to see Miguel and J. Cole in concert.  Period, point blank.
  8. Wait, ain’t no grits in Kuwait?
  9. I am going to have to learn how to make laundry detergent.  Can’t trust the perfume brands on my skin.
  10. Am i plus-size out there? Will I have to go to plus size stores?
  11. How hot is hot? LAWD?
  12. I like jogging.  Can you jog in draws out there? How hot is it at 6am?
  13. Cell phone, will it change? Or will I just change my number? What about all those apps? What do I need?
  14. MY HAIR!!!!!  I have my sides shaved….am i growing those back out.  I guess I am going to have to stay and get braided.  How can I have style and be different, but professional….and be braided and be my style.  I like my Freddie hair…

giphy (6).gif

15. Can I hang things on the wall of my apartment? I need art!!  and My sticky quotes!!!

16.  How many crawfish boils can I do before I leave?

17.  When do I announce to my job? But how long can I carry a check?  I need that check.  That money honey….that money.


But I know all these things will have answers soon….the journey is in discovering them.



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  1. Do you have a mentor/guide? If not, I may know someone.


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