Jes A Minute Now



I ain’t been on the blog!  I know.  And it’s on me.

I am triple working my job and I am triple working on my life.  So what you want to know? Hmmmm, well….I have another job interview on Sunday.  At 1am….

For a middle school math position in Kuwait.

Really now.  How do I feel about that?

giphy (16).gif

Yep….maybe I should really consider it.  There is this great Facebook community and I actually got some good feedback.  So I am scrubbing up and getting ready to show this school what I am made of.  And the crazy thing is that Kuwait maybe better for my financial goals for what I am trying to do with phase 1 of this life I am seeking.

The interview is in 48 hours so wish me luck and I plan on breaking down even more details to come….

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