It’s Jes a HBCU Thang!!

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So I am a long time supporter of HBCUs.  Especially mine…the ones I claim.  But I ain’t no fool.  I keep five transcripts in my sock drawer so I never have to wait for admissions to have to be on time.  Like realistically….i remember them financial aid lines.   I don’t trust my HBCU with on-time paperwork.

So in the process of me having to get ready for attestation (and that is REAL) I am told I have to get my transcripts, orginal degree and a LETTER!!  Dude a LETTER that is personalized and written with blah blah blah and yada yada yada…all I know is that I had the panic attack and long winded anxiety freeze. source (2).gif

I’m going to have to work WITH someone?!???!?!?!? Noooooooooooooooooo!!!  Sure enough after two telephone calls and no return call and two emails.  I wish I could say I was surprised.  Nope.  I know my college…I know my people.  Its always something.  So now I got put the old…”you don’t know me?” card and hit up a friend with a favor for a favor request.   Really hate that I had to pull this card out on some danggone paperwork and not a decent date request….however, i got what I needed…..

I was put in contact with the HNICgiphy (18).gif

Ya’ll know what that is right….


Problem with is that HNICs, they know that they are big and bad and truly believe that your request is small and little.  No matter what, unless it puts money or power in their pocket…so in a lackadaisical email, he cc’d his secretary and they politely told me to fix my problem online. NO SIR!!!  This is not a normal request!!   I STRAIGHT asked them point by point about the letter and if they could write it, sign it, stamp it and etc…and did they have anyone who specialized in it.  They said just mail it and we will figure it out.   HUH!!!  I am not going to lose my dream job because folks trying to figure things out.   LAWD BEHOLD….you know that moment when you see trifling set up and ask to receive the pitch?  But you can’t do nothing in your position but throw it…..ugh…..

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So, I follow the rules.  Because in HBCU fashion…you follow first, then you wreck later….and I send all the information AND the original letter…you know in case someone wants to read…I promise you I blessed my life and that envelope and guess what….


giphy (19).gif


Baby!! I got a telephone call from the sweetest old voice, “Uhmmmmm….hello baby….I got a question about your paperwork…..”

YES, Miss Mae!!!  Ask me about my paperwork!!!  Because when you get an old school mothering type, lawd you in good hands!!

Turns out she just happened to pick up my paperwork up and had to call me because everything was ALL THE WAY WRONG!! And I let her quickly clean me all the way right!!

source (5).gif

YEP, I was right about HNIC and his staff….but his staff is no contest against the 20 year veteran of customer service Miss Mae….yeah, she might take 2 hour lunches and spend a long time talking to her friends at work, visiting folks and taking up donations for the sick and shut in because it is the right thing to do….but baby, she CARES!

So it turns out, not only did I need the letter…but I needed to reprint new transcripts and a new original degree paper and get it sent to the secretary of state for notarization and a notary stamp which she did.  And it all cost a total of about $80 but all my paperwork will be ready for processing once I receive it back.

Sigh, ain’t nothing like an HBCU….and ain’t nothing like an old school mothering type who take pride in her job.

I feel like I can feel her hug and peppermints from here!!!



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  1. That right there is why HBCUs are so important. There are people that care, that call you baby, and that want you to succeed even if they do nor know you personally. Yes, Yes, and Yes!!! I am glad Mr. HNIC got it wrong so she could put some “mothering” on it and make it right.


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