Jes Trying to Stay Afloat


It’s been a minute.  Mostly because my work load in life has DOUBLED!!!  I am trying to handle it but hey….this is a new adventure, whew.

But it hasn’t stopped my pursuit.  In fact, I had an interview for a school in Qatar and the principal said, “YES”…cue my jiggy dance…

giphy (13).gif

Yes….starting in August, however…I don’t know anything about the offer.  See the principal said yes but HR handles the offer and the salary amount.  So, I am waiting.  And now, it has has been two weeks…..

And uhm…..well, I have to always believe that without signed papers, well….it ain’t a commitment.  (Why this sound like my love life…..sigh)

giphy (14)


So, at this time I am still looking….because that is what needs to happen. I am looking at the blogs and it is saying don’t get down.  As well, a bunch of friends say it is better that I am applying directly to the schools.  So I am going to keep on pursuing this dream because there are more signs that I need to be on this journey than not.

But I am not stressed.  Well, yeah I am….in that I am always a Virgo type way.  But i feel like it will happen, just don’t know how.

But, I am ready for a commitment.  But in true love fashion, I need a commitment that is good for me.

Lets see how this goes.

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