Jes A Lot of Excitement????

So I got an email from Footprints with a lot of exclamation points.

Like seriously a lot.

Like, when I opened the email I was like, “boy, they really excited!!!!”  And i read the email, and I was trying to find the excitement.  Like legitimately.  Because it seemed like an announcement….but there were exclamation points!  So i tried to read it in my “OMG YAAAAASSSSSS” voice.  It didn’t fit.  Here you go.


Greetings Teachers,

We have an important update on the Abu Dhabi Education Council for you!

The Abu Dhabi Education Council, has been taken over by the United Arab Emirates Government organization called the Ministry of Education (MoE)!

The Ministry of Education is now operating all of the Public Schools in the United Arab Emirates, nationally. The schools are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al-Quwain.

 All teachers who are interested in interviewing with the former ADEC, will now be interviewing to the Ministry of Education! This is exciting news as the Ministry of Education has interviews taking place in February in the following locations:

  1. New York City – February 16/17
  2. Atlanta, Georgia – February 18/19
  3. Dublin, Ireland – February 24
  4. Manchester, UK – February 25/26
  5. London, UK – February Feb 27/28

We are excited to have you attend these interviews!  We will submit your application directly to the Ministry of Education. The MoE will then review your application and let us know if they would like to invite you to these interviews!


Huh?  I’m confused.

giphy (2)

  1.  Is this good news?  Especially for teachers?  Does the salary change? Are there more jobs? Uhm, why am I excited? Extra pillows in the housing?  I am lost.
  2. Uhm, what happened to the Houston interview?  Like really. Like, I kept scrolling down the email like there was a surprise link.  Like for real.  Like, today is the 2nd of February and I don’t have enough points for free flights. I don’t have enough points for extra peanuts. Am I having to fly?
  3. Can we talk about how this email was sent at 5:05pm on a Friday?  Like, if we really excited, don’t nobody want to be in the office to pick up phone calls or reply emails?
  4. Why do we have exclamation points?  I feel more like question marks.  Like Oprah’s, “You got a question, you got a question, you got a question!!!!”


AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  The travesty!!  I now have to inspector gadget on these exclamation marks!  An my application progress?  LAWD, take my simple Friday night and make it a Monday morning!!!!

Welp.  I guess i will just keep you on update on the next move.


I mean.  I guess I will just keep you updated on the next move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Explanation points when there should have been periods. The person that wrote this was excited.


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