Jes Trying to Teach, Away

So I’m into my new realization…and me being who I am (Virgo Aries Virgo), I am researching and reaching out to people and attempting to find the best moves.

See, when i tried this journey five years ago, I worked with Teach Away and made it to the final round.  The final!!!  Still don’t know why they said no. But they did and I stopped the process.  Thought it was “God’s Will” and I was hurt.  Crying. Prideful and whatever.

I don’t want that story to haunt me.  So, first things first.  I will not be depending upon one entity.  I will branch out and figure out what suits me right?

So I applied to Teach Away

I added myself to some Facebook Groups

I reached out to some friends

And I applied with Footprints.

A week later, Footprints called.  And I set up my interview.  I look and wonder what is going on with Teach Away.  Because that is the one organization that my friends and everyone recommended right?

REJECTED. Everyone one of my applications.

Or whatever politically correct language they use to say NOPE.

I’m looking like, “did I misspell my CV? like really?  What is this?”  Maybe I was going for administration and I was just asking for a little to much.  So, I resubmit for another country.



And meanwhile, me and Footprints is looking like an 1980’s R&B Slow Jam mixtape.

I wish I could at least talk to someone at Teach Away…just to get the Keith Sweat Why Me Baby?  You know, can I know something?



Like real talk.  I am looking perplexed…and then I submit some more.  I think at this point its just the petty in me.  Like, I really wasn’t trying to be a cafeteria worker…I just want to know what are the qualifications and how could someone like me not have enough to obtain their dreams.  Esspecially when I got FOUR years as a DISTRICT WIDE COACH in one of the largest school systems in the world!!!!!

Woosah.  Let me relax.  Because this the moment when I feel like I am chasing after that popular jock when I got the trust sidekick who is forever by myself.  Same goal, same vision and same thing I need.  It’s my ego that is driving me towards Teach Away…when really, I just found out I made it past the document phase with Footprints and they are setting up my interview with ADEC.

Hey boo….giphy (1)

Yeah Footprints.  Been sitting here thinking about you.  Thinking about how you thinking about me thinking about you thinking about me type of thing you know.  Yeah, you wanna hook up?  Houston you say.  Yeah, I’ll be there. In my modest business suit and CV in my hand waiting on you…just give me the time and place.  Its a date.

HAHA…..but real talk.

Time to get to work.  And just because of the lessons that I learned, I am still reaching out to other people…and other countries.  Got a friend in Qatar….let me see what that is about.  Also, submitted my resume to individual principals looking to staff their schools for the upcoming year.

Let’s see what happens.  But to Teach Away, yeah….I’m the chick that got away….twice.  Twice.


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