Jes Getting Starting

I will have to adjust the dates for this blog just a little bit.  The truth is this journey started in January, but I have been extremely quiet about the journey.

  1. I don’t want to deal with disappointment
  2. I am in some major fixing it moments in my life
  3. I don’t want to be embarrassed
  4. and Finally, I like people to see the finished product…not the recipe.

So, i won’t go into a long blog…a couple of short ones.  I want to be magical and say that my New Years visit to Dubai was LIFE-CHANGING…because everyone has that moment and its QUOTES…”LIFE-CHANGING”.  For me, Dubai was wonderful.  And  I will do it again.  And I won’t do it with the damn travel group I went with because they….sigh…ugh.


But there I realized that the middle east was an oasis of opportunities.  Opportunities which were there, if you just took them.  And I used to take opportunities.  And I let a few bad experiences and my personal feelings about being a failure take me off that part of my journey and into the world of “just be okay.  be grateful for where you are at.”

So in Dubai, I looked out the window at the desert rolling and I said, “I will do this.  I will apply again to teach in this world. For me.  Because I have so much more I want to do…and this is the road I will take to do it.”

So this journey started in January.  The first of January to be exact.  Happy New Year’s right?  I knew that this would be the year that I lose an address and gain my world. 26170002_10157182989247468_8511784469391320797_n

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  1. So that just made tears come into my eyes. I too have felt like a failure and allowed past stumbling blocks turn into mountains I was afraid to climb.


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